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MediaRazor's Customer Support department is staffed with diverse, trained Internet technicians and engineers prepared to assist you with every aspect of your customer relationship with us (orders, tech support, billing). In our on-going support efforts, we have attempted to provide each customer with a set "self-service" tools and information to ultimately minimize your time and our time spent on the phone and writing emails.

Our customers have found that most issues and questions are solved rather easily provided a small amount of time is spent reviewing the various documentation and tools before contacting support. The " New Account Welcome Letter ", " WebControl Panels " and " User Manuals " , " Video Tutorials " are all designed to minimize your need to contact support.

Obviously from time to time technical issues arise that can not be solved using such methods. For this reason we've created an effective method of contacting Customer Service to obtain the support you require. MediaRazor has phone support if required; however most effectively customer issues are solved by emailing our support department.

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